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If you are allergic to eggs or have a dietary restriction, you can replace an egg with other ingredients that taste and look similar to eggs. Some options are bananas, yogurt, buttermilk, and applesauce. These substitutes will not taste exactly the same as the real thing, but will still work in many recipes.


Using bananas as a substitute for an egg in a recipe is an easy way to make healthier baked goods. Bananas are rich in potassium and fiber, and can replace one or two eggs in a recipe. A banana also contributes moisture to a baking recipe. Betty Crocker recommends using one ripe mashed banana per egg.

If you do not want to use a banana puree, you can also use applesauce. The consistency is similar to an egg, but you will not taste the apples in your final product. However, bananas are more flavorful and add moisture to baked goods. The banana will also enhance the texture of the dish.


If you’re allergic to eggs or need a healthy substitute in a recipe, yogurt can be a great substitute. It’s a great source of protein and contains some fat, which can replace the missing egg in many recipes. You can choose between plain yogurt or Greek yogurt, both of which are great alternatives. The main difference between Greek yogurt and regular yogurt is the amount of fat in them. Full-fat yogurt adds extra richness to baked goods, while non-fat yogurt is fine for baking. A 1/4 cup of plain yogurt can replace one large egg in a variety of recipes.

If you’re vegan, yogurt is an excellent replacement for eggs. Its high water content makes it a good substitute for egg-based recipes. If you can’t find a vegan or unflavored yogurt, you can use a combination of unflavored yogurt and a splash of vinegar. This won’t change the flavor of the dish and will leave the texture and appearance of the baked goods unchanged. Tofu, another alternative to eggs, is also an excellent substitute. Silken tofu is a more pliable, low-fat alternative, which has similar binding capabilities to eggs, but with a softer texture.


Buttermilk is a versatile ingredient that can replace an egg in many recipes. It is commonly used in baking and can help make baked goods moist and soft. It can also be used in place of baking powder in certain recipes. If you are unsure whether buttermilk will work in a recipe, try testing it first.

You can substitute an egg with yogurt or buttermilk. Choose plain yogurt over flavored ones, as they can alter the taste. You can replace one egg with about 1/4 cup of either. Another good substitute is aquafaba, a thick liquid from leftover cooked beans. You can use this in place of an egg in muffins and cakes.


If you’re looking to make a cake without using eggs, applesauce is a good alternative. It lowers the fat and cholesterol content while adding fiber to your baked goods. It is also a quick and easy replacement. Just one cup of unsalted, unsweetened applesauce contains 102 calories, 0.5 grams of protein, and zero grams of fat. It has 28 grams of carbohydrates and three grams of fiber. In comparison, one large egg contains 72 calories. If you’re using applesauce to replace eggs, you’ll probably see a difference in the browning of the cake.

The pectin content of applesauce makes it a safe substitute for eggs. It has the same binding properties as eggs, but doesn’t have the protein that causes the dough to rise. Pectin is found in uncooked foods, where it binds lumps of dough together. When cooked, pectin bonds with other polysaccharides to create large complex formations.

Canned pumpkin

Canned pumpkin is a great substitute for eggs in many recipes. Its bright orange color and creamy consistency makes it a wonderful choice for baking. It is also low in fat, sodium, and is rich in fiber and antioxidants. You can use canned pumpkin in many baked goods, including muffins and breads. It will not overwhelm the other flavors of your recipe.

Another great egg substitute is banana. This sweet, dense fruit will add a subtle banana flavor to the recipe. Pumpkin puree is a good substitute for an egg in many recipes, and you can make savory dishes with it as well.

Sweet potato

A sweet potato is a versatile vegetable and you can use it to replace an egg in a variety of baked goods. If you want to make a vegetarian version, try using sweet potato puree instead of eggs. This vegetable is low in sodium, high in fibre and contains many healthy vitamins and minerals. It will add sweetness to the baked goods without overwhelming them.

Bananas are another popular egg replacement, but be sure to make sure you use a ripe banana – otherwise they will impart the banana flavor to your dish. Pumpkin puree is also a great egg substitute, and you can use it in more than pie. It works well as a thickening agent and can substitute a single egg in muffins, doughnuts, and quick breads.


When it comes to baking and cooking, mayonnaise is an excellent replacement for eggs. It has a high egg content and plenty of oil, so it can be used in place of standard vegetable oils. It will also add flavor to your food when cooking. You can even use mayo to replace eggs in your bread recipes!

It is available in most grocery stores and is widely used by bakers and fast-food restaurants. Since it contains oil and egg whites, it has unsaturated fats that are healthy for your body. If you want to avoid adding the added cholesterol and saturated fats, you can substitute mayonnaise in baking recipes.

Soy lecithin

In most recipes, you can replace one egg with one tablespoon of soy lecithin. But it’s important to be aware of potential risks. For one, it’s an allergen. Another issue is that it tends to clump. It will also grab moisture from the air.

Soy lecithin is a by-product of soybean oil that has similar binding properties to egg yolks. Soy lecithin is an excellent substitute for egg yolks and whites. It can also be used in recipes as a substitute for milk or butter. It can also be used to thin light corn syrup.

Using soy lecithin in baking is an easy way to get the texture and flavor of an egg. It’s similar to the emulsifier in egg yolks and gives baked goods a smoother texture. However, soy can interfere with the flavor of the recipe, so you should use soy lecithin only if you’re sure you’ll enjoy the flavor.

Olive oil

If you’re looking for an alternative to eggs in your baked goods, you can try substituting olive oil for butter in your favorite recipes. Just make sure you use less oil in your recipe than you would in butter. A good rule of thumb is to replace about 3/4 of the butter with olive oil. When converting recipes, you should also avoid creaming the butter and sugar together, as this gives the baked goods a light texture.

The best vegetable oils to use instead of eggs are those that are high in mono and polyunsaturated fats. Some healthy oils to use are olive oil, peanut oil, sunflower oil, canola oil, and safflower oil. Sunflower oil is also a good choice for breading, but don’t use it for frying. Avoid using coconut oil or palm oil, as they contain more saturated fat than unsaturated fat, which can be bad for your heart.

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