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If you’re trying to stick to a strict keto diet, you’ll want to avoid ordering sweetened drinks or alcohol. Instead, order low-carb alcoholic beverages, or mix them with soda water. You also need to be careful about dressings and sauces. They can contain hidden carbs and refined sugar. Ask your server if they have a sauce-free version, or request a dressing-free option.

Chicken Crispers

Tex-Mex chain Chili’s is available in many parts of the country and has many keto-friendly items. Most items on the menu have no more than twenty-four grams of net carbs per serving. If you have a higher carb count, consider splitting an order between two meals to keep it within your daily calorie budget.

Chili’s offers several keto-friendly options, including chicken wings and salads. Be sure to check the carb content before ordering because many sides come with hidden carbs. For example, Chili’s ribs are covered in sugary BBQ sauce, so opt for a low-carb version of the ribs. Similarly, salad dressings are available in low-carb varieties.

While the restaurant doesn’t serve keto-friendly appetizers, you can still find keto-friendly items. One option is the chicken crispers, which are crispy strips of chicken that are topped with ranch dressing. Keto-friendly items are also available on Chili’s website. You can even order keto-friendly drinks.

Chili’s offers several low-carb options, though some of them are difficult to order. If you don’t want to risk ordering something high-carb, you can order a chicken salad or a grilled chicken sandwich. These two options are both keto-friendly, and they’ll keep you satisfied for a while.

Another popular item on Chili’s menu is the burger. The standard bun has approximately 10 grams of carbs and only seven grams of protein. Chili’s fajita plate is over 100 grams of carbohydrates. While the burgers and tacos are keto-friendly, most of the ingredients are not. Beans and rice are high-carb options.

Just Bacon Burger

The Just Bacon Burger at Chilis has a half pound beef patty and comes with bacon, American cheese, lettuce, onions, and tomatoes. This burger contains 1030 calories and 56 grams of protein. It also has just 3 grams of carbs. Bulgarelli says that the burger is prepared fresh daily.

The Just Bacon Burger at Chilis is one of many signature burgers at the restaurant. It is loaded with bacon cheese sauce, and is topped with lettuce, tomato, and red onion. It is available nationwide, and customers can order it for takeout or delivery. But before you try the Just Bacon Burger at Chilis, be sure to know what all it contains.

The Bacon Rancherburger is topped with six strips of bacon. It also has American cheese, sauteed onions, and pickles. You can also order a Big Bacon BBQ Burger that includes two beef patties, two slices of bacon, and house barbecue sauce. If you’re looking for a smaller burger, you might want to try Chili’s Secret Sauce Burger, which comes with American cheese and lettuce.

The Just Bacon Burger at Chilis is not as healthy as it sounds. It contains more than a half-pound of bacon and 108 grams of fat, which is equivalent to a stick of butter. It is also huge, so you may not want to order it in one sitting.

Smokehouse Combos

Chili’s Smokehouse Combos are a new way to experience smoked meat. Featuring smoked bone-in barbecue chicken breast, jalapeno-cheddar smoked sausag e, and garlic toast, the combo meal is a perfect way to experience chili’s flavorful smoked meat. Smokehouse Combos are available in two sizes – the Ultimate and the Standard – and come with sides like roasted street corn, garlic dill pickles, and house-made chili sauce.

One of Chilis’ Smokehouse Combos is a Smokehouse Combo with fries. This is a meal with all the essentials, and the side Mexican street corn is decent. It is difficult to mess up Mexican street corn. I didn’t find the sausage particularly flavorful, but I did enjoy the baby back ribs. The meat fell off the bone easily. However, some diners might not find that particularly appetizing.

For those who prefer to share their meal, Chili’s Grill & Bar in Conroe, Texas, offers Smokehouse Combos with multiple sides. The ultimate bacon burger, for example, comes with double bacon and three types of sauces – honey chipotle, Buffalo, and jalapeno aioli. The restaurant also offers a variety of craft burgers, including the Big Mouth Bites, which consist of four mini burgers with American cheese, applewood smoked bacon, house-made ranch, and roasted street corn.


Chili’s serves a variety of salads, but most are not keto friendly. There is one salad that is a great choice for those on a low carb diet: the Caesar salad. At just 7 grams of carbohydrates per serving, this salad is one of the best options for keto eaters. Chili’s House Salad is a good choice, too, as it contains just 8 grams of carbs.

The Classic Ribeye at Chilis contains about 620 calories, 33 grams of net carbs, and 44 grams of protein. You can opt for the bone-in version, though it may contain more carbs. For more protein, try grilled asparagus or steamed broccoli instead.

Chili’s offers a keto-friendly salad, which includes red onions, tomatoes, shredded cheese, lettuce, and cucumber. Toppings at Chilis are also keto friendly, such as shredded cheese and tortilla strips. Keto dieters are encouraged to avoid starchy vegetables, such as potatoes and corn. For the sides, you can order side salads without croutons. You can also order keto-friendly burgers at Chili’s, including grilled steak.

The Southwest Chicken & Sausage Soup (Bowl) contains 20g of fat and 12 grams of carbs. However, you can order lighter versions that contain less meat and less fat. Other choices include the Broccoli & Cheese Soup (Cup) and the Chicken Tortilla Soup (Bowl). These two salads are low-carb and keto-friendly.

Diet Coke

You can enjoy a Diet Coke at Chilis for free if you visit every 60 days. However, to qualify for this offer, you must spend a minimum of $5. The promotion is valid at participating Chili’s locations. It also includes free chips and salsa, and nonalcoholic beverages.

Chili’s also offers a wide variety of nonalcoholic beverages, including iced tea, apple juice, and cranberry juice. The restaurant also serves alcoholic beverages during the lunch and dinner hours. Happy hour drinks are also available. The restaurant’s happy hour menu offers a variety of drink specials.

Chili’s offers a range of low-fat menu options. The margarita grilled chicken, for instance, has just 17g of fat per serving. The meal also comes with rice, beans, and tortilla strips. The sides, such as asparagus, steamed broccoli, and black beans, contain just one gram of fat each.

Base Culture’s Original Keto Buns

Base Culture’s Original Keto Buns are certified Keto and Paleo, making them a great addition to any ketogenic diet. They are made with natural and high-quality ingredients and contain only 4g of net carbohydrates per bun. They are also free of preservatives and artificial ingredients.

If you’re trying to stick to a keto diet, eating out can be difficult. Chili’s offers a variety of low-carb options. You may want to choose an appetizer, like bone-in wings with buffalo sauce. However, most of their appetizers are breaded and deep-fried. However, you can order bone-in wings if you’re on a ketogenic diet.

Chilis also offers three protein options. If you want a burger, opt for the Oldtimer. This burger has 340 calories and 13g of carbs, including 5g of fiber. You can also order the Boss Burger, Santa Fe Burger, or Queso Burger. Other meat options on the menu include smoked brisket, dry rub ribs, and 6oz classic sirloin.

Another option for low-carb dieters is the restaurant chain Smokehouse. These burgers are made with organic, all-natural ingredients. Besides the original burger buns, they also have collard green burgers that are keto-friendly. These can be topped with smoked bacon and collard greens. A few sides like guacamo and pico de gallo are also available.

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