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If you’re looking for ways to get free hotel stays, there are many options out there. These include complaining about a bad hotel stay, using co-branded credit cards, using social media to earn points, and taking advantage of frequent flyer programs. Read on to find out how to get a free hotel night!

Complaining about a bad hotel stay can earn you a free night

In some cases, you can get free nights by complaining about a bad hotel stay. However, you must be honest and reasonable about your complaints. You should also document every conversation you have with hotel staff, so you can use them in dispute. Taking pictures or videos of problems is also recommended. If you are able to provide the hotel with enough evidence, they might even upgrade your room.

First, make sure that you voice your concerns as soon as possible. This increases the chances of your complaint being resolved and you receiving a free night. Try to talk to the hotel staff first, as they are usually the best people to deal with complaints. If you can’t reach them, ask to speak to a hotel manager.

In addition to complaining directly to the hotel staff, you can also take the issue to social media, such as Facebook or Twitter. Hoteliers respond faster to these posts and generally want to make their guests happy. However, be sure to use discretion and avoid bringing up the issue in front of other customers.

If your complaint isn’t addressed to a manager, you can also try contacting your travel company or booking website. This can work in some cases, but it may not guarantee that the problem will be solved. You may also be put on hold for longer than you expected or have trouble getting through to someone.

Using co-branded credit cards

Using co-branded credit cards to get a free hotel stay is a great way to earn frequent flier miles, and some of these cards even offer introductory bonuses. These are usually good for three months and can be used for as many free stays as you want. In addition to frequent flier miles, these cards also offer elite loyalty status. This can be used to upgrade your business trips and annual vacations. You can also earn free stays much faster with these cards.

However, you must keep in mind that hotel rewards programs differ from card to card, so you must choose the card that suits your needs and travel habits best. While co-branded cards can offer exceptional value, you need to be aware of their limitations, as they may require a monthly payment and may have fewer hotel perks.

Co-branded hotel cards usually come with perks tailored for that hotel. These may include a free upgrade in a room or a free gift at check-in. While it can take months to reach elite status at a hotel, you can speed up this process with a co-branded hotel credit card.

Using co-branded credit cards to get a free hotel stay is a good way to get an elite status at a hotel and earn rewards for your spending. Co-branded hotel cards offer benefits that are valuable for frequent travelers, such as priority check-in and room upgrades.

If you are traveling frequently, it might be best to choose a co-branded hotel credit card that allows you to earn points faster. Marriott Bonvoy Brilliant is one such card with impressive built-in perks and a big welcome bonus. It gives you a certificate worth 50,000 points that can be used to book free nights.

Using social media to earn points

The hotel industry has realised the power of social media and has started to reward their followers with points for free hotel stays. This includes using hashtags, competitions, storytelling and more. Using social media for hotel marketing is not new, but hoteliers are increasingly looking for new ways to reward their guests. With the younger generation becoming more connected to social media, it is only natural that they would want to reward those who do the same.

Most hotels have their own social media accounts, and tagging these accounts will help you earn points for free hotel stays. Marriott’s Plus Points program, for example, involves re-tweeting posts by the hotel and tagging their Facebook pages. By doing this, you can earn up to 2,000 points per month. Another example of a social media campaign for hotel promotion is the Kimpton Hotels’ Karma Rewards program. You can earn points for tagging Kimpton hotels on Facebook and Twitter.

Using social media for hotel marketing is a must-have for hotel marketers. Besides offering a variety of ways to engage guests, social media can provide invaluable information about your hotel. Using social media for hotel marketing means finding ways to engage your audience and delivering rich content that will interest them. You can also use your social media accounts to offer exclusive discounts to your social media followers. These offers will not only increase your followers, but will also demonstrate your hotel’s value to your guests.

Using social media for hotel marketing is a smart strategy. A smart hotel will take advantage of the popularity of travel selfies on social media and reward users for sharing them on their social media accounts. Using Instagram, for example, has developed an Instagram Highlights campaign to highlight local attractions and other special offers. Using Instagram for hotel marketing will help you increase your social media followers.

Marriott has also recognized the value of social media for hotel marketing. Marriott Rewards uses social media to promote its rewards program and encourage users to share content about its properties. If you post a status about a Marriott hotel on Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter, you’ll receive an additional 25 points. You’ll also earn 250 points for following the Marriott Rewards page and liking their Facebook page.

Using frequent flyer programs

One of the easiest ways to get free hotel stays is to join hotel loyalty programs. Just about every major hotel chain offers such a program. It works much like a credit card program and rewards you with points you can then use to redeem for free nights. Some hotel loyalty programs even offer extra perks.

These programs can be used to get free hotel stays from top-tier hotels. They often offer free stays to employees, such as flight attendants and pilots. Many luxury hotels are also open to word-of-mouth advertising and are offering free nights to their followers on social media.

Most airlines offer frequent flyer programs. These programs allow you to earn points that can be exchanged for free flights, car rentals, or hotel upgrades. Some airlines partner with specific hotel chains, while others work with a wide range of hotels. Using frequent flyer programs to get free hotel stays is a great way to make a trip even more affordable.

Some of the best hotel loyalty programs allow you to earn hotel points for every dollar you spend. Marriott’s rewards program, for example, offers more earning power than any other program. This makes it easy to earn miles and use them for free stays. And, there are a few other programs that let you earn points for both airline and hotel stays.

Another way to earn hotel rewards is to sign up for an airline’s credit card program. Many of the major airlines are now partners with popular hotels, so you can earn hotel points through those credit cards. You’ll have to be sure to book your stay through the airline’s website, though.

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